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Hotels are a key part of every trip you make. They become your home for as long as your trip lasts, so finding a good hotel is vital. Most hotels cater to different publics: Some are bigger, fancier and more expensive, for people who like nice things or people who travel for business purposes, while other hotels are smaller and usually the choice of younger travelers, whose sole purpose is to get out and get to know a new place.

Picking a hotel for your trip can be tricky, because often, cheaper hotels are usually in not-so-good shape, leading to a very uncomfortable experience. But if you’re able to downsize your expectations a little bit, the rewards can be amazing!

Location is really important

Say you’re travelling to New York City. Of course hotels in Manhattan, especially those around popular tourist sites can be very expensive, surpassing $500 for a night’s stay. Who wouldn’t want to overlook Times Square from their hotel room? The reality for most of us is that we can’t afford that, so a more affordable option is the way to go.

Try looking for hotels that are a little far from those popular landmarks, as they’re often the cheapest options. Most metropolitan cities have amazing public transportation systems, so you’ll still be able to enjoy your trip, while also commuting there!

A hotel is just for sleeping

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I will never forget something my mother once said to me: “Hotels are just for sleeping, so why waste money on a fancy hotel?” From that moment on, that sentence pops in my mind every time I want to book a hotel.

Yes, no one wants to stay in a cockroach infested cheap hotel, but there are nice options out there to be taken into consideration that will save you lots of money! If you’re really short of money, consider a hostel, where you will share your room and bathroom with other people, but the experience is like no other!

But what if I want a nicer hotel?

If your personal preference is a nicer hotel, try searching websites like Trivago or WebV hotel options. They’re aimed for people to people who love travelling, but want to save a few bucks if possible, so discounts can be of up to $100 for a night! I recommend you to check these websites previously, but be aware, because these rooms sell like hotcakes, and you do not want to miss out on this bargain!

Travel, if possible, during off-peak season

Hotels, such as flights, have peak and off-peak seasons. Depending on the place you want to visit, these seasons may vary, but generally speaking, peak season corresponds to summer (June to August), while off-peak season is roughly from October to March.
People travel during summer because the weather is nicer, and also because it’s the time of the year where most people are on vacation. So if you can take a leave from work, travel during those months where most people are busy; trust me, the price difference will astound you!